How to find a lost or stolen phone

Experiencing phone lost is most time devastating, not only because of data loss, but we often lose other things such as precious memory, pictures, vital document, important messages and so on, which if only we are given a chance to recover the phone we would forever be grateful, While no one expects the bad, it is often advisable to prepare for the worst, which places importance on setting up a tracking system to recover such phones before the worst case strikes.

Using Find My Device for Android

Most Android phones come with Find My Device (formerly Android Device Manager) built in. As long as your device is connected to your google account, you have internet access and the location is turned on, Find My Device will automatically track your phones’ location unless you have disabled it in settings.

To locate your phone with Find My Device is easy, Log on to

If you lost your phone, you could make it play sound by clicking on the PLAY SOUND option shown in the left side of the page, Your Device will ring for 5 minutes, even if set to silent

If your phone is stolen and you want to prevent your Android data from being recovered, you can lock it down by doing the following
– Click the SECURE DEVICE on the left side of the page
– Enter Recovery message
– Enter phone number

You could also erase all content from the device
Note- After the phone has been erased, you can’t locate it


If your device is linked to your google account, you can easily search “Find my phone” through google search bar and you click the first link that appears, if your account is logged to multiple phones, you will select the phone you want to Find



  • Sign in to
  • Download the find my iPhone app from your iPhone
  • Turn on “Find my iPhone” on your iPhone to find them when they are missing

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