Prolonging Gadgets Battery Life Span.

Almost everything around us is powered by battery cells or let me use CELLS. Even the makeup of humans contains trillions of cells. All of our devices rely on battery cells to function and we as humans rely on these devices to go about our daily activities. Even our 21st-century cars are joining the cause, Our homes and so much more that we are still discovering. The whole world relies on them.

So to define them, Batteries are storage devices that stores up energy as charge and releases charge at our will, bidding and application. Do you also know that the first vehicle made where powered with batteries? Now you know a little history behind battery cells lets dive into the preservation of this cells.

As you know most of our gadgets are powered by battery cells, [lithium ion/lithium polymer] and they don’t get damaged because of wear out of lifespan but because of current balancing. An average PC battery contains 6 Li-ion cells which are connected in series and parallels and each relies on each other for current and voltage balancing and here is where the problem is.

The minimum voltage a Li-ion cell should be discharged  to is 3volts and its maximum charge should be 4.2volts, so every time you over-charge your device, you are forcing more than 4.2volts into the cells which are not healthy for the battery cells and likewise when you under-charge it, you are forcing it below its standard 3volts, which also affect the health of the cells.

So every time you charge your device, remember this, disconnect your device from the power source when it gets to that 99%/100% and also set your device power option to hibernate or shut down when it gets to 10%/15%. Also always discharge your batteries completely once a month and charge it back up immediately. It’s good for balancing.

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