Signs To Replace Your Phone’s Battery

Batteries don’t last forever. As you charge and discharge your battery, it degrades over time, you get less battery life from a full charge. Eventually, the battery or the device needs to be replaced, Below are signs to help you know when to replace your phone’s battery

  1. Your Phone Only Power On When Plugged 

If the battery is bad, it does not hold a charge to power the phone from its stored energy, the phone will power up when you fix your charger but immediately it is removed it goes off which means the battery is completely bad and you need an instant replacement for you to use your phone again.

  1. The Battery Bulges

Phones battery have visible indication they show when damaged and one major indication is the bulging of your battery this happens when the cells of the battery are becoming worse as a result of this it causes a pultruding shape at the surface of the battery, at the very moment you notice this it is advisable you get a new battery.

  1. The Phone Battery Feel Extremely Hot

Batteries become hot over time as a result of the usage of the phone at the moment, it could be a case in which you have your data on and other applications running at the same time, this is common with rechargeable batteries and they are built to internalize this heat but in a different case when the heat of the battery is very noticeable even without serious usage it is high time you consider replacing the battery.

  1. The Phone Dies Quickly

This could be a very funny experience any phone users can have, if you notice that your phone battery is low and immediately you fix your charger it moves to 50% or even almost full and after using it for 30min it drops down quickly to battery low again, you definitely need to replace your battery.

  1. Your Phone Is Not Coming Up

If after you left your phone for some time and you notice it does not come up again, try charging it with a strong and reliable charger for some time and if there is still no sign of it lighting up or even a sound from it then it is definitely time for you to change the phone battery , it is advisable you take it to a repair store for checkings

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