Why do you need to service your PC

90% of Nigerians are using one type of gadget or more gadget, ranging from mobile phones to PCs and other electronic gadgets.

The ultimate question has always been why do my gadget fail? I have had hundreds of people ask that question. Most times the answer to this very question is pure carelessness. Wow, hmm, really, how? Am quite sure one of this word just popped up in your mind. Yes “CARELESSNESS”, careless handling, I don’t care attitudes.
The truth is before your electronic gadget breaks down completely, it first gives u several signs. By hitting it, punching it, abandoning it, forcing it to shut down. All of this will not solve anything. It will only make it worse. Now you ask what do I do in this kind of situation. It’s very simple. Diagnosis and maintenance, in another language. Service it.
Here is where we come to the rescue.

At Gadease Tech, one of our primary goals is to make life easier for you.
Rather than buying a processor, ram or any other components worth thousands of naira. We help prevent components of your gadget from breaking down completely at a very comfortable cost.

Your gadget is lagging, it’s slow, making some sounds you don’t understand, flickering, stuck keys, error messages,
your battery lifespan is deteriorating, even when it’s giving you attitudes.
Contact us Our consultancy is free.

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